For the past two years I’ve been letting randomized computer programs decide what I do.

I believe giving in to chance is a way to liberate yourself from personal and social programming that traps you in a narrow sense of self.

photo of me pointing at a random place

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My Trip

Starting in 2015 I let a computer decide where I lived and what I did for over two years. It sent me all over the world—everywhere from small town bars in rural Iowa to cat cafes in Taipei, Taiwan.

When the computer chose a location I would live there for roughly a month. Once there, the computer chose places to go, people to meet, and things to do within the selected city.

map of Ljubljana created by the bot
Random path through Ljubljana

Tools for Living Randomly

Daily Random

A random Spotify playlist that updates daily.


Yelp but random. Discover new places using chance.

Random Travel Agency

Let the bot randomly plan your next vacation.

The Third Party

FB Event crashing club. I post random events here.


Your Destination

A printer that tells you where to go.