Max Hawkins

I am an artist and computer scientist working at the boundary between computation and culture.

I love to collaborate. If something I'm working on resonates, please reach out!


your destination Your Destination
A computer that tells you where to go.
facebook events
I find accidentally-public events on Facebook and attend them.
my daily routine generative routine
Recently I've been creating and living by computer-generated schedules.
an algorithmic poem algorithmic poetry
Occasionally I post strange Facebook statuses generated by programs.
Call in the Night Call in the Night
I operate a night-time social network and radio show for dreamers.
many eyes lens Smaller and Upside Down
3D-printed face distorting lenses
Unnumbered Sparks Unnumbered Sparks
Interactive projection on a massive net sculpture
the bubble The Bubble
30' inflatable architectural intervention and performance space
Hominid-Computer Interaction Hominid-Computer Interaction
iPad apps for orangutans
Supercut generator that collects every utterance of a given word on YouTube
FaceFlip FaceFlip
ChatRoulette-based video art exhibition
Ant Farm Unwrapped Ant Farm Unwrapped
Computer-generated plans for inflatable sculptures

Tools & Experiments


I earned a degree in Computer Science && Art at Carnegie Mellon University. I've worked at Apple's Keynote Team, YouTube, and Google's Data Arts Team.

In 2015 I began living out of a suitcase so I could focus more on my own creative pursuits. My path is determined by a random number generator.

You can find more information in my CV or on LinkedIn.

I was born in Des Moines, Iowa, USA in 1990. I have red hair.


You can also see me or my work in real life. Here are my recent and upcoming shows and events:


My email address is This is the best way to contact me.

My phone number is +1 (515) 770-3979.

I'm currently nomadic. Right now I'm in Los Angeles, CA, USA [May 19]. However, this changes often. This page automatically updates with my current location.

Last updated 17 Jan 2017