Each of the following poems is the output of a computer program.


God is…

god is a 501c3 not for profit organization god is a bald guy who mods this forum god is a beast god is a big guy who drives a monster truck god is a bird catcher god is a bit of a bore god is a bitch and you know it god is a black lesbian god is a blasphemy god is a blessing god is a book god is a breathtaking 3d pixel art game god is a brilliant and thought provoking work god is a broken and contrite spirit god is a brown girl too god is a child god is a church in cincinnati god is a circle whose centre is everywhere god is a classic a political and cultural novel set in nigeria in the early twentieth century god is a cock god is a cognitive implant god is a comedian playing to an audience afraid to laugh god is a common english word thus the key icon d may be activated god is a communicator between the visible and the invisible god is a communist god is a company that is located in 121 carriage ln ky god is a complete lie god is a concept by which we measure our pain god is a conservative god is a consuming fire god is a contempt and a slap in the face of humanity god is a contradiction of terms perfect existence god is a convincing salesman or a blithering idiot god is a corpse you can talk to god is a cosmic kill joy god is a creation of man in his own search of perfection god is a criminal god is a crip lil homie lmao god is a cubs fan god is a cunt god is a customer god is a damn liar god is a dancer god is a deadly sin god is a deity from the secret unity which he contains god is a democrat god is a designer god is a diamond god is a different story god is a difficult thing to explain god is a dirty minded god full of sexual desires god is a disease god is a divine force that wreaks suffering death and destruction god is a dj god is a dog mans best friend god is a fagot he's had his way with my ass for years god is a fake who just plagiarized from a bunch of other fake gods god is a fantasy novel by raymond e feist god is a fascist dictator god is a female unlike me god is a floating googly eyed brain with alzheimer's god is a fluxing psychopath god is a fool and seeth it not god is a forgiver so dont sweat it god is a free agent god is a frumpy menstruation what do you think about that god is a fuckin panda god is a general term for any deity and it is not a proper noun god is a giant proton god is a good communicator this is perfect for people who are getting confused god is a good profile name god is a gun god is a havana smoker god is a healer reprise featuring gene moore jr god is a higher dimensional being god is a hopeful romantic god is a human being fully alive god is a hypothesis that has yet to be proven nor disproven god is a kid with an ant farm and not worthy of worship god is a kind of cousin to santa claus god is a kinky bisexual chick god is a korean tv drama produced in 2006 god is a liar not led by the holy spirit but demonic led   inspired god is a limitless ocean of all consciousness god is a little bit like ryan god is a lobster.flv god is a luxury i can't afford god is a magnet and these sorcerers want to be the iron that the magnet attracts god is a major motion picture opening at the davis and many other theaters on february 28 god is a male chauvinist god is a massively multiplayer browser game originally created by wildshadow studios god is a mental illness god is a metalhead god is a mighty weapon in the battle against temptation god is a millionaire.pdf god is a multi billionaire heavenly father the gold is mine he says god is a multitable heads up tournament for fast paced texas hold em god is a national treasure god is a new day god is a non startr go atend ur metins nd remembr god is watchn our thougts nd actions god is a novella set in july 1842 in the marquesas islands god is a number.flac god is a ok with the faithful having a great time in the sack god is a pencil god is a peripheral presence at best god is a person fully alive said the second century theologian irenaeus god is a philosopher of decadence god is a photon god is a piece of garbage god is a plastic reindeer god is a poet god is a popstar god is a potassium injection god is a prank playing pain in the ass god is a prisoner of a temple church or similar place god is a process not a person god is a program that combines video and live lecture god is a proper name i capitalize it for the same reason that i capitalize vladimir god is a racist the major media seem to think all republicans are racists so why not democrats god is a real estate agent favouring his chosen god is a relatively new belief god is a river god is a sadistic freak that's why god is a salesman learn from the master god is a scottish drag queen and a consuming fire god is a secret internal impulse god is a serial sex pest god is a sick bastard god is a single snapshot of deep space god is a skull encrusted with more than 8000 diamonds god is a slow sometimes grinding process god is a space monkey god is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth god is a story of family bonds of forbidden love of sacrifice and redemption god is a subject of numerous jokes god is a super robot among other gundams god is a sure way to gain wealth without trouble god is a taut chilling novel that plumbs the depths of human degradation god is a teutonic germanic word for their supreme deity jesus god is a thing that a man may get without grace god is a thinking mind without a brain god is a timeless treatise on the essence of living enlightenment god is a total fag god is a trending topic on tweeter god is a triumph of our christian faith over the ultimate evil god is a troll god is a twelve year old boy with asperger's god is a two thousand foot high jellybean god is a valet this clears out the three files that could be slowing your computer thank you god is a verb not a noun proper or improper god is a very controversial topic god is a victim of identity theft god is a washing machine and i'm out of bleach god is a waste basket for our better thoughts god is a website full of uplifting hymns god is a white racist god is a whole lot more or should i say christ same deal god is a wife and mother of two grown children she currently serves as part of the addiction recovery ministry god is a wild old dog god is a woman and my mom she is a witch god is a wonder he made butterflys to give little girl good dreams god is a wonderful movie but it was banned in many countries for no reason this is not right everyone god is a work free zone god is a wretch indeed god is a yu gi oh card god is a zealous knight type who is obsessed with upholding law

Love is…

love is torture (duet) love is hot 5.1 mb love is in your itunes library love is two hearts beating love is the rhythm we are the rhyme love is everywhere the stars shine love is a very difficult thing to explain love is ❤ love is hell d1s1 this house is not for sale love is dead cowboy mouth love is get over it smoking doesnt make you cool love is personally as a guy i look for confidence love is lost in men's mousepads love is muppet memories click like if you love your daughter love is just like the rain love is friendship ice cream works reebok india sup love is as abundant as a spring love is in the egg sunny side up love is the author love is in therapy love is banged through ripped pantyhose love is the answer vol 1 love is brewing teapot muslin favor bags drawstring love is the end of art love is a mixtape love is real and it's important to love like a man love is stupid love is indeed a series of complex chemical reactions love is red its also black love is all you need love is the name of the game patty love is on a magazine cover love is totally in the air love is 2013 720p hdrip h264 love is not a warm sentimentality but a calculated pattern of conformity love is official love is just one of our classic one line slot machine games love is even hotter when pregnant love is in our veins ain't it love is a battlefield love is best expressed in burrito terminology love is тюмень love is patient and kind 1 corinthians 13 4 24 love love is my drug if you want any pictures feel free to ask love is on facebook love is unhealthy because grandpa is gettln old love is in the laundry love is life luxury cars of dreams apple inc love is in classifieds in british columbia love is a magical power

Want to feel happy?

Go to Vancouver. Take progesterone. Dance. Be important to one special person. Snuggle your partner to sleep. Listen to Bob Marley. Just read. Take Piracetam. See the full moon. Get up every day. Spread the Charism of Mother Alphonse Marie. Battle the demigod Nasus. Have a sense of who you are. Have positive energy. Read baby-related news. Play the Trololo song in the morning. Visualize what you desire. Listen to Moby. Have a good time partying. Tell her she's sexy and beautiful. Take an art lesson. Get an Adderall prescription. Buy cheap coins from fifaexpress.com. Love your bump. Gaze at the clouds. Donate. Learn cooperatively. Take 300mg of Clomid daily. Rollerblade, camp, slide. Draw in the studio. Run. Have sex. Do what you want.

Want to feel afraid?

Open carry a firearm. Learn about modern feminism. Make friends with benefits. Die. Fight in the house alone with him. Be both turned on and disgusted. Develop OCD. Watch television commercials. Read her poetry. Get cancer. Relate this painting to its art historical context. Feel the temperature outside. Enter menopause. Watch “Raggedy Ann and Andy: The Musical Adventure” Imagine you can raise a human child. Re-evaluate your cavalier attitude about germs. Eat large insects. Live in a cycle of perpetual abuse. Be harassed on the street. Drive a deaf-blind person somewhere and forget to pick them up later. Contract a heart condition. Hug your therapist. Shred yourself in the process of writing. Listen to the thunder. Demand peace and tranquility. Hear the theme song to Jaws. Use import statements. Slow your pace down. Expose your vulnerability. Get too many tattoos. Have an identity crisis. Feel inadequate. Think about the future. Change your render settings. Dream. Decline.

Want to feel sad?

Use Facebook. Take MDMA. Don't put kisses at the end of your texts. Have nobody. Be infertile. Listen to sad music. Stutter when you talk to adults. Write a poem for dead soldiers. See happy couples. Read about Rob Kardashian. Go to Mars. Party on New Year's Eve. Be ignored. Move your body through something really cold. Be unhappy. Have so many tubes. Get an anatomical ultrasound. Watch kids react to the original Game Boy. Celebrate Christmas. See the DirectTV marionette commercial. Learn about the new iPod Shuffle. See fat people eating by themselves. Develop an eating disorder. Realize they're pulling the wool over your eyes. Fall out of love. Hear the rain. Be alone on Valentine's Day. Battle any brainless all-in aggro deck. Eat a small ice cream. Get attacked by bullies in a viral video. Be dishonest. Go home. Get old. Remember.

Want to feel sick?

Start an Atkins diet. Breastfeed. Eat Burger King. Wear tight undergarments. Get anxious. Vape. Take doxycycline. Use Clorox. Drink water. Smoke a spliff. Fall in love. Do the bowel prep. Smell ketchup. Use the computer. Take C4 Explosive Pre-Workout Supplement. Belly breathe. Drink whiskey. Use a tampon. Take Celexa. Smell food. Meet strangers. Run. Have a panic attack. Drink green tea. Listen to noise. Eat gluten. Drink coffee. Think about sex with him. Look at this picture. Listen to country music. Sleep on your left side. Work the night shift. Smoke cigarettes. Play Nintendo 3DS. Binge eat. Wear perfume. Experience lower back pain. Think. Stand. Cry.

How To

You will do this. You will have trouble making eye contact. You will prevent injuries. You will wear a colorful blazer, jacket, sweater, or shrug. You will reach its "cap". You will dance the wedding dance. You will discuss the subject. You will say everything. You will hold the POWER/red phone button. You will wound the leg. You will help yourself. You will have it. You will assess the market value improvements. You will take the GMAT. You will research the topic. You will check fashion magazines. You will discuss salary requirements. You will examine your thoughts. You will cite sources you use. You will remember the mnemonics "Roy G. Biv". You will send a thank you email. You will use elevated language. You will bring it. You will check the labels. You will create customer delight. You will read the questions. You will put all the things use. You will access your myLife email account. You will answer those questions. You will wear a scarf. You will press the Home button. You will type the text. You will absorb the review faster. You will select your existing World account. You will avoid other monsters. You will attain synergy. You will add bookcases. You will hold the cash. You will experience hardships. You will confirm it. You will establish the maximum transaction amount. You will record deferrals. You will detect your broken hard drive. You will soothe your spirit. You will consider it. You will have a concrete answer to deliver. You will get a clear cover. You will teach yourself. You will remember it. You will ask the coach. You will get the better of us. You will try your best to pay. You will improve blood flow to your brain. You will help your reaction time. You will have access to resources. You will uncover this data. You will take the time. You will have the right edition of the book. You will follow them. You will do exercise daily. You will get the right equipment. You will name a few. You will choose a fun color. You will provide clear guidance. You will have erasers at the top. You will ask friends. You will choose a rare colour. You will learn everything. You will have no limits. You will lose your job. You will write goals. You will play the notes. You will choose a vehicle that is appropriate. You will possess a valid certification and license. You will see the round part in the middle. You will expect it. You will use iCloud services. You will achieve a few of them. You will critique your grandma's Christmas letter. You will learn Chinese. You will enter Kakariko village. You will meet employer standards, or compensate. You will complete your tax return for the year. You will type your text. You will record the transaction. You will require iOS 8. You will win $20. You will follow the lead of the interviewer. You will ask a friend to quiz you. You will make a Monday-Sunday Chart. You will wield better weapons. You will find a comfortable spot to unwind. You will find lists online. You will have multiple keys made. You will sweat your makeup. You will say what. You will keep them. You will get your Samsung Galaxy S. You will want it. You will do this.