It is 12:59 AM.
You are a pervert.

It is 02:24 AM.
You are having heart palpitations.
You are “prune-faced,” unattractive, “cold,” and muscularly rigid.

It is 03:38 AM.
You can be found in fringe groups of the extreme Left and extreme Right.
You are having a dizzy spell.
You have frequent nightmares.

It is 05:08 AM.
You are afraid.

It is 06:15 AM.
Your mind is racing.

It is 06:27 AM.
You are both baffled and frightened by the emotions of others.
You, too, are a star.
You can’t remember anything, because everything is changing too fast.

It is 08:15 AM.
You are “too far out”.
You are an “egghead”.

It is 08:53 AM.
You are fairly normal.

It is 11:31 AM.
You are a radical feminist.

It is 02:29 PM.
You are feeling with deeper intensity.
You have gone from “man” to “super-man”.

It is 04:42 PM.
You are beautiful.

It is 04:57 PM.
You are constantly radiating “attractive” mating signals.

It is 05:14 PM.
You are the ideal fucker-lover-protector.
You are floating.
You feel good.

It is 07:58 PM.
You are experiencing beauty and sexual joy in a way completely unknown in your previous earth life.
Please tell me what to do.

It is 08:34 PM.
You shrink your muscles, lower your head, and “crawl away”.
You will surrender.

It is 10:25 PM.
You are neurotic.
You are the bottom dog.

It is 10:49 PM.
You are a transcendent genius.

It is 11:21 PM.
You are not OK.
You are having an out of body experience.